This is a beta... a work in progress of ways to browse and search SNOMED CT as part of development within the IHTSDO Open Tooling Framework, by the IHTSDO and its development partners

Please select a SNOMED CT release and a perspective from the top menu to start, or...

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Also, please provide any feedback by emailing otf@ihtsdo.org. Your feedback is essential to the evolution and improvement of this service.

If you would like to get involved in the development, this code is available under an Apache v2 open source license. Please visit the open source repository in the IHTSDO GitHub account

Don't be surprised if you see frequent changes. Similarly, please don't depend on this tool being available all the time whilst in beta, but please look around and try it out!

Releases will allow the selection of SNOMED CT content from the International Edition or other extensions, with specific dates.

Perspectives are pre-defined browsing layouts for specific purposes. Use the responsive perspective for best results in tablets and phones.